FIFA 16 Wish

My Wish for FIFA 16

I’m going to offer my two cents here because it’s been a while since I’ve had a good Fifa rant and I’m British so it’s in my blood…

I can totally understand that programming a game such as Fifa(Fifa 16 coins) does offer a lot of complications. What I don’t understand is a couple of problems they can’t seem to fix in this and previous installments of fifa.

Firstly, the headers from Fifa 14 (and the recent patch of 15). Whenever I watch replays back of these goals, it’s always gone straight over the keeper or just over his shoulder. This makes me wonder what the hell keepers have a ‘reflex’ rating for if they don’t seem to exist in the game. The same when someone shoots from close range and the keepers occasionally dive out of the way of the ball, when they could have stood still and pulled off a save. My theory is that this comes with this ‘improved keepers’ feature where they will guess what way a player is shooting, but they should only dive before the ball has left the players boot IF that player has pulled off a fake shot from a 1v1 situation, THAT would solve many problems. Going back to the headers, the only headers that are aimed just above the keepers head that go in, should be from A) a player (the header of the ball) that has a high rated heading accuracy stat and B) a keeper with a low reflex rating. I think what they fucked up in their programming there is power>accuracy.

Secondly, pace. I can understand that out pacing a defender can mean the difference between winning and losing in real life (Bale in Copa Del Rey final for example), but if I have high rated CBs/RBs/LBs, I expect the AI to do its part and track the run in advance at least until the player runs into a position where if that tracking defender backs off, he plays the attacking player into an offside position. This would make for realistic gameplay because it offers the attacking tactic of dragging players out of position momentarily. All they need to do to fix lobbed through balls is 1) nerf the accuracy (as they apparently did in the last patch. Good joke, EA, 10/10, I’ll use it in my next comedy act), only players with 85+ passing should be able to hit a perfect lobbed through ball. And 2) at least introduce an instructions for defenders to ‘track player runs’, considering there’s an option for strikers to ‘get in behind’, you need to have a counter instruction for that.

Through balls rant now leads me onto my mini rant on shooting. When a player like Ibarbo, with his 66 finishing, manages to put away 9/10 1v1 with a top rated keeper, it makes me wonder if really bad = good in Fifa. This my theory on close range shooting: So most people would think a player with bad shooting either hits it straight at the keeper or puts it wide on 1v1 situations, but my theory is that people aim it badly (straight at the keeper) but because his accuracy in finishing is so bad, it actually doesn’t go near where he shoots, thus, slotting past the keeper and on goal. This is a theory because I just can’t understand how else these low rated players put away so many goals.

That was pretty much my rant on the things I’ve had a few thoughts on (FIFA 16 Ultimate Team coins). I’ve probably just written more here than any of my university assignments.

I would offer a TL;DR here but I guess I can offer you some contents instead: 1st massive paragraph = keeper mechanics in cross/1v1 situations. 2nd massive paragraph = Through balls/pace. 3rd not so massive paragraph = my theory on shooting mechanics.

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