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Why i am not buying FIFA 16

I am not buying FIFA 16
I am not buying FIFA 16 because of the amount of glitches and stupid unrelistic gameplay. I know why you dont have any call ins is beacuse you dont want hate being thrown down your neck like it should be. I have been a supporter of the series since FIFA 06 when a friend recomended it to me, i enjoyed it at first and i have bought every game since. I watched videos of hate at your end of the stick and i often backed your dignity and your level of creatin an alround great game. However in the past two ames i have started to dislike them understanding now why there was so much hate.

Here are the main reason i am not buying your FIFA series ever again:

Coin selling- I have never buy fifa 16 coins ever and yet i am being absolutly pooed on in the games i play as many of the opponants have Ronaldos, Messi or TOTYs when i play them with a 50k Brazilian team.

Goalkeepers- ‘We have reworked goalkeepers’- absolute rubbish put FIFA 14 keepers back in the game at least they werent semi-bad it just gets worse each game.

Glitches in general- Every game i have played in i have been tacled un fairly- no freekick, or when i breath on their stricker from OUTSIDE the box-penalty

Please just dont ever produce a stupid game as this and i hope you fair while in your sales when people realise what rubbish you have been feeding them all this time

Thank you

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